A Complete Guide To Facts About Arizona City

Here are 11 noteworthy points to keep in mind about Arizona if you are planning to travel there soon.

1.         Arizona forms part of the Mountain State, it is the 14th most populated region in the United States.

2.         Phoenix is its capital city and one of the largest too. Arizona shares its borders with New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, etc.

3.         It was admitted into the Union as the 48th state while it achieved its statehood on February 14, 1912.

4.         Arizona experiences a warm desert type of climate with very hot summers and cold and mild winters.

5.         Much of its topography consists of deep canyon gorges, mountain ranges, and landscapes more or less dominated by pine forests.

6.         Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon National Park which is listed in the world’s seven natural wonders. The Grand Canyon is located in Northwest Arizona and is the 15th site in the US to be named a National park. It receives more than 6 million visitors annualy and is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 179.

7.         Arizona recognizes around 27 federally Native American tribes and has a strong concentration of Mormons, Hispanic citizens.

8.         Some of the most iconic tourist attraction in Arizona include Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Saguaro National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, Desert Botanical Garden, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Havasu Falls, Meteor Crater Natural Landmark, Rim Trail, Phoenix Zoo and the list rolls on.

9.         Some of the greatest credits we can thank Arizona for include- bicycle, map, Chimichanga, pawsense, Pima Cotton,  Ping golf clubs, jetskis, Miranda Warning, Pluto, taser, and more.

10.       It got its name Arizona from the Spanish word Arizonac which means small spring referring to a small silver mining camp near Sonora.

11.       The largest native American languages- about 85000 people speak the Navajo dialect in Arizona while other languages include Apache.

12.       Some of the most popular street food in Arizona include burritos, cheese crisps, chimichangas, etc.

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